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History | Mission Statement

Feedmix Specialist, Inc. has painstakingly developed its manufacturing capability to offer a selection of cutting-edge products and services to ensure our customers' profitability and complete satisfaction. Drawing on the world's latest technologies and scientific breakthroughs as well as human expertise in animal nutrition, we have developed a totally new breed of animal nutrition product that answers the call for improved nutritional content at lower costs. As we pursue and expand our market base, we envision a dynamic and proactive operation that gives excellent support to our customers through our products and services. We also continue to encourage innovation by pooling in the best of local and international technical experts to come up with a range of products that guarantees high returns for our customers. We work closely with our customers by listening to their concerns, regularly asking feedback to further improve our products and services, and partnering them in their efforts to achieve better business operations.


Feedmix was established in 1989 amidst the economic crisis that gripped Asia. The company started its operation with a modest start-up capital. Despite the challenges and difficulties of that period, we pursued our mission to lift the lives of people by giving them opportunity for an honest livelihood and a decent life.

We take pride in being the First to bring into the Philippines the "High Heat Treatment" (HHT) technology. The introduction of this technology into our plant set us apart from our competitors and created a whole new standard in animal nutrition quality unequaled even until now. HHT is part of our comprehensive manufacturing process with the objective of applying human food technology to animal feeds in the belief that excellent feeds produce better and healthier livestock, aquatic products and domesticated animals.

From the first product introduced into the market in 1994, we expanded our production facilities to answer the demand of the market for high-quality, yet competitively-priced products. Feedmix has become a by-word in the aquaculture industry, serving the biggest aquaculture operators in Luzon. Our efforts have paid off - we have now become a dominant player in the highly competitive aquaculture business.

Along with the improvement of our product line, we also offer our customers full technical support to assure them of a bounty harvest every time. We have also intensified our customer service program by conducting more seminars and farm-site technical support.

We go beyond our operations and customers to answer the call for better lives and environment protection through our socio-civic programs and projects. As we recognize that natural resources are the lifeline of our very existence, we preserve them by ensuring that no single ingredient is mixed in our formulations that can cause environmental damage and pollution. Our strong concern to improve human lives takes us to the scenes of natural calamities and disasters to lend assistance to our customers. We also operate harmoniously with all local communities we deal with by contributing our share in youth development and education, livelihood and income-generating projects such as on-the-job training of local people, implementing medical and welfare programs and other projects to improve the standard of living of the people.

Mission Statement

Feedmix strives to always lead the way towards innovative product lines. The company values its experience and technological expertise to its global network of nutritionists and feed specialists, its products present the industry the very best feeds available for animal grow out. Feedmix has its mission for product excellence, far beyond tradition.

For more information on our products and services, please contact:

Plant Site:

053 Dampol 2nd, Pulilan Bulacan, Philippines
Tel: (044) 676-0000
Fax: (044) 676-2359

Manila Office:

Suite 1505 East Tower
PSE Center, Exchange Road
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Tel: (632) 636-1627 to 31
Fax: (632) 636-1623

Email: sales@feedmix.com

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