Feedmix Specialist, Inc. II is the leading integrated aquaculture company in the Philippines, with 30 years of experience in the industry. Our vision is to grow our customers’ businesses through advanced technology and together create a more sustainable future.


• Full traceability
• Services at every level
• Extensive control


• Global market reach
• Largest of its kind
• Technological innovation


• Responsible resource use
• Sustainable farm management
• Long-term focus

We have services at every step from feeds manufacturing, hatcheries management, farm management training, to food processing. The advanced level of integration in our system enables us to guarantee a reliable supply of high quality seafood with full traceability, efficient processes, and competitive prices.

Our integrated operations with Fisher Farms’ seafood processing facilities help our customers reach profitable global markets such as Europe and North America. We are also known for technological innovation and were the first to bring many feed technologies into the Philippine such as high-heat treatment and extruded feeds.

We practice responsible resource use, from making sure that our feeds use only the minimal amount of binders, to training our customers on sustainable farm management—lessening our impact on the environment. Our long-term focus makes us different from the rest. With our eye towards future trends and global developments, we’re your partner in sustainable aquaculture.


Feedmix strives to always lead the way towards innovative product lines. The company values its experience and technological expertise to its global network of nutritionists and feed specialists, its products present the industry the very best feeds available for animal grow out.



1989: Feedmix animal feeds introduced to the market 1996: Operations of the two extrusion plants in Malabon, serving the central Luzon market from Pangasinan and Isabela in the north and down to Laguna and Bicol I in the south.


Awards and Certifications

Feedmix All hatcheries and feeds manufacturing facilities are certified and regulated by the Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. Fisher Farms Products and facilities are certified by CUSDA (SSOP and HACCP), the EU (GMP), and the World Halal Council. 2012: Received the Superior Taste Award at the International Taste and Quality Institute in Belgium